About Rebecca Licalsi

  • Rebecca Licalsi provides business coaching and sales training to entrepreneurs and salesmen and women who want to make a real difference in their career.

    “From Wallflower to Business Coach”

    Rebecca grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. She considered herself a “wallflower”. Unsure of her plans for her future she began her career in retail while attending college. Retail forced her out of her shell. Over the years, she evolved from shy wallflower to an outgoing saleswoman. She developed ambition and quickly began pursuing and obtaining management positions. From there, she moved into the position of Store Buyer.

    In 1991, ready to leave retail, Rebecca changed careers to the field of insurance. Beginning in sales, but quickly moving into recruiting and training. Since 1994, Rebecca has worked with hundreds of insurance agents to develop and build successful agencies with one of the largest companies in the Nation.

    Tragically, in 2012 Rebecca loss her husband to suicide. Devastated by this life changing event, Rebecca was now faced with making decisions about her personal and business life. It was time to take the skills she had developed over the past 21 years and go out on her own. Without her husband by her side to discuss plans Rebecca sought the advice of a business coach. Quickly her coach could tell that something was missing in Rebecca’s professional career. It was the passion Rebecca had for coaching, mentoring, and training others. Her coach suggested she pursue starting her own business coaching business. That is how Licalsi Business Coaching came about.

    What Sets Licalsi Business Coaching Apart...

    Rebecca knows that her years of experience assisting others in the insurance industry build successful agencies translates into all businesses. She offers seminars, one-to-one coaching, webinars, and small group or private corporate training from one to 100.

    Rebecca said “I enjoy holding seminars and training. But what I like most is working one-to-one. This allows me to find out what makes my client tick. I can get to the root cause of what is holding them back from their goals. Yes, this often means I will even bring them to tears. That is ok. It’s great in fact. It means we had a breakthrough. I want to gain the trust of my clients so that they feel comfortable sharing anything with me.“

    Rebecca is currently holding seminars and coaching in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. She is available for booking Nationwide.