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Admit it, some parts of your business could be better.

Whether it’s untrained or unmotivated staff, poor customer service, lacking quality family life, weak sales goals, ineffective social media, compliance or employee issues; we can identify it and teach you how to solve it.

Licalsi Business Coaching works exclusively with Insurance Agents and Insurance Brokers.

Our clients range from new agents to top performers and they all benefit from our systems, proven advice and mentoring.

We understand that insurance is a unique business most business coaches just don’t understand.  It takes a coach that has experience in the business and understands the regulations and company structure involved to coach you on your business.

Licalsi Business Coaching has a team of coaches that are specialist and have held a variety of positions in the industry.

We focus on agency goal setting and accountability.  We have systems in place to hold both you and your staff accountable to the goals we set together.