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Some of our Coaching Topics

Effective Face To
Face Cold Calling

For anyone using F2F Cold Calling as one of their methods to obtain new clients. Let us show you the right way to get your foot in the door.


Recruit Rock Star
Sales Team

If you're having trouble assembling a team of rock star sales reps, you may want to re-evaluate your recruiting strategy and we can help.


The Reward System

"The Rewards System" is ideal for those entrepreneurs who want to learn how to work on their business in this hectic world with all the social media and distractions.


Getting The Gate
Keeper to Work For You

Tired of getting nowhere when calling or stopping by businesses? We can share proven tips that can get you in the door.


Your own personal coach

We can create custom coaching programs that address the specific needs, questions, obstacles and goals of each client.

Are you a small business owner that is looking to dramatically grow your business and increase your income level? Would you like to strengthen your leadership abilities and management skills? Rebeca Licalsi Coaching can help steer business leaders in the right direction by achieving lasting, positive change for themselves and their businesses. There is no “one size fits all” approach to business coaching and career development. The subject matter, tools, assessments, evaluation and success metrics all depend on the needs of the team or individual.

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Upcoming Events

How to Handle Objections

Are your sales suffering? Let us help you become a Master Closer and have an unfair advantage over the competition. If you want to increase your closing ratio, make more money and skyrocket your closing confidence, you must attend "How to Handle Objections" with Rebecca Licalsi with Licalsi Business Coaching .

Fear of Success

Do you have attainable goals but your just not meeting or exceeding them? Do you procrastinate making the necessary calls to close the sale? Do you shy away from "going for it"? Sound like you need to attend our seminar on "Don't let the fear of success hold you back." by Licalsi Business Coaching.

LinkedIn 15+ Tips

Licalsi Business Coaching is holding a seminar to teach you several tips on how to make sure you profile is built to attract business, as well as how to work LinkedIn and make LinkedIn work for you.

  • Testimonials

    “ Any person focused on being successful in their business will benefit from either private coaching time with Rebecca or from any of her seminars. On a personal level, she takes the time to understand MY business, what makes it tick, what will make me successful -- and then shares her insight and suggestions. Her seminars are designed to give you the tools you lack or improve the ones you already use -- to make you the most successful YOU that you can be. Always productive, always beneficial!”
    -Trish J.

  • Testimonials

    “ Rebecca is an excellent source of knowledge for your business. Her experience in training really shows with the quality of her presentations. I highly recommend attending any of her events. You will not be disappointed! ”

    -Wilson M, CEO Commercial Print Solutions

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